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Die Bewirtschafter: Wir bekennen uns zur schonenden und ethisch vertretbaren Nutzung von Wildfischpopulationen.

Ois Hinterleiten

Our river stretch on the Ois is close to the city of Lunz am See in the beautiful Lower Austrian limestone alps. It has a length of 4.2 km and is also located in the Natura 2000 Ecological network called “Oetscher-Duerrenstein”.


The territory name 'Hinterleiten' is a local name for the valley system between the villages Klein-Seeau and Oisreitl.


The river Ybbs is a tributary of the Danube. It is 138 km long and its upper catchment is around 1200 meters above sea level. Please follow the link to more information regarding the water regime, geology, and hydroelectricity along the Ybbs. (www.ybbs-aesche.at). A closer description of the river stretch is here available.