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Die Bewirtschafter: Wir bekennen uns zur schonenden und ethisch vertretbaren Nutzung von Wildfischpopulationen.

Rivers under our management

We have two almost unadulterated river stretches under our stewardship for a period of ten years. They both have natural fish populations and fishing licenses are available for both the season and day by day basis. Both river stretches have a natural river morphology which adds to the unique character of the lease.


  • We manage a 4.2 km stretch of the upper Ybbs which is located upstream of the village Lunz am See. This upper stretch is also termed the Ois.
  • The Kleiner Kamp is the second river stretch under our care. In all we operate 26 km stretch of which 16 km is open for fly fishing.


Both stretches are available as fly fishing leases. The catch limit is oriented on the natural capacity of the fish population to absorb the fishing pressure.