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Die Bewirtschafter: Wir bekennen uns zur schonenden und ethisch vertretbaren Nutzung von Wildfischpopulationen.

Rivers under our management

We have two almost unadulterated river stretches under our stewardship for a period of ten years. They both have natural fish populations and fishing licenses are available for both the season and day by day basis. Both river stretches have a natural river morphology which adds to the unique character of the lease.


  • We manage a 4.2 km stretch of the upper Ybbs which is located upstream of the village Lunz am See. This upper stretch is also termed the Ois.
  • The Kleiner Kamp is the second river stretch under our care. In all we operate 26 km stretch of which 16 km is open for fly fishing.
  • Since 2017 we manage an approximately 9.3 km long section on the lower Ybbs River usptream of Amstetten. It includes the diversion channel of the Amstetten power plant and 600 m of the River Url.



All stretches are available as fly fishing leases. The catch limit is oriented on the natural capacity of the fish population to absorb the fishing pressure.