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Die Bewirtschafter: Wir bekennen uns zur schonenden und ethisch vertretbaren Nutzung von Wildfischpopulationen.

About us

We are a small group of hydro-biologists with decades of experience in freshwater ecosystems, fisheries management and fish ecology. Our experience helps us to develop management techniques, but we realize that the dynamics of river ecosystems place us in a perpetual learning situation in which we are always students of the ecosystem. We come from an array of employment backgrounds which include the public, private, and research sectors.



Prior to 2006, our relationship with these waterways now under our care was solely an advisory role. During this time we developed independent ideas regarding fishery management. In 2006 the opportunity to apply these ideas presented itself as the formal lease of two waterways was transferred to 'Die Bewirtschafter'. This means we now have the opportunity to implement the ideas of fishery management learned during the advisory phase. Since 2017 we are happy to have a third river section under our management



Our lease will challenge our ideas and serve as a litmus test for our philosophy. It also affords us the opportunity to specify our concepts and methods of habitat management and develop sound methods for surveying aquatic ecosystems. We have a developed theory and mission, following this prescription is the challenge. Making this information public gives us the opportunity to experience valuable feedback regarding our management practices. This public forum will also give us the chance to spread our ideas and values regarding habitat monitoring, investigation of aquatic organisms, and fisheries management. The goal is to improve established methods on and see how they are received at large.